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Patterns for Cuddles Items

These patterns will give garments and blankets which fit the needs of the hospitals:

Three Hats
Angel Pockets
Angel Snow Cape
Crocheted Cardigan
Crocheted Little Baby Gown
Corner Blanket
Crocheted Sleep Suit
Crocheted Baby Blanket
Crocheted Block Design Baby Blanket
Crocheted Gown
Crocheted Hat
Crocheted mitts
Diane's Baby Blanket
Easy Lacy Knit Blanket
Crocheted Basic Granny Square Baby Blanket
Crocheted Lacy Ladder Baby Blanket
Knitted Hat
Knitted Mittens
Sleeping bag with hood
Crocheted Ripple Baby Blanket
Crocheted Trebles/Doubles Baby Blanket
Crocheted Trebles and V's Baby Blanket
Crocheted Baby Blanket
Cuddles Hooded Wrap
Knitted Burial Gown
Knitted Wrap
Jenny's Tiny Knitted Burial Gown
Sleeping sack